Climate Fellows

by Work on Climate

Use your skills
in the climate battle.

For individuals

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Do you wonder if you’re working on meaningful problems? Ready to use your skills to save the planet? We are running out of time to reach net zero carbon emissions and you can help!

Volunteer at a climate nonprofit, or get paid to do part-time contract work with a climate startup. See if you find the answers you are looking for.

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“This is a low risk way for me to see how my existing skills could fit in for addressing the climate crisis.”
— senior Google engineer

You're working for the planet, so hire the best.

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We want to empower all climate nonprofits and startups to succeed by giving them access to the highest quality talent.

Much of this talent is not actively on the job market. They are climate concerned professionals with existing jobs unsure of how to help. Start with part time contract work, get to know the person, and you may end up finding someone amazing for a fulltime role.

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“I have 10+ years of experience in supply chains and manufacturing, but I am looking for a CTO. ”
— early climate founder


For individuals
What does it mean to be a Climate Fellow?

Climate Fellows are professionals who want to use their skills to help climate nonprofits and startups succeed. Our minimum commitment is 10 hours/week, and you get to see what it’s like to work on climate without leaving your existing job. Paid and volunteer opportunities both available.

Fill in our form describing your skills and desires, and we will email you as relevant part-time opportunities arise.

What can I do while I wait to be matched?

Get started taking action today by finding people and resources with others in the Work on Climate community.

Become a Fellow
For organizations
Why should I work with Climate Fellows?

Climate Fellows are highly skilled technical volunteers. Much of this talent is off the market but climate concerned. We vet Fellows for you and provide them with the support and motivation needed to drive your projects to completion. To be considered, please fill out our form here.

Is this free?

Yes! Matchmaking is free because you are working for the planet and we want you to succeed.

Registered climate nonprofits can offer volunteer positions. For-profit climate startups must compensate individual Fellows as per labor law.

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About Us

The Climate Fellows and Climate CTO matchmaking programs are part of the Work on Climate collective to get more people doing meaningful work in the climate space.

The Climate Fellows program is run by Cassandra Xia, Eugene Kirpichov, Richard Kim, and Jeremy Brewer. Our backgrounds span software engineering, machine learning, data infrastructure, law, and product management.